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Registration is now open!
​Welcoming student musicians to join us
during the 2023-24 School Year!
Registration Package
(all forms must be completed for successful registration)

Tuition Details & Payment Methods

Tuition for each student is $300.00 for the school-year.  We offer affordable monthly payment plans and discounts for families with more than one student.

*The Early Bird Discount Special is $240.00 (25% savings) and must be paid-in-full by Saturday, October 7, 2023.

Early Bird Lump (Lump Sum) School-Year

1st Child $240.00 
2nd Child $200.00 

3rd Child $180.00 
4th Child $140.00 

Tuition Schedule

Regular Total Rates
1st Child: $300.00
2nd Child: $240.00
3rd Child: $200.00
4th Child: $185.00

*Monthly Plan (due on 1st Saturday each month)

1st Child: $30.00
2nd Child: $24.00
3rd Child: $20.00
4th Child: $18.00

*Monthly Payments remitted after due date will be charged $25.00 late fee. 
Any NSF (bounce) checks will incur a $30.00 charge.

If this takes place prior to the “Early-Bird” period, a late fee, an NSF charge, and the regular (non-Early Bird) rate must be paid.

Payment Methods:
Check/Money Order
made payable to: "Sinfo-Nia"
mail to:
P. O. Box 42732
Atlanta, GA, 30311-0732
Cash/Check/Money Order may also be submitted in person

Frequently Asked Questions

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